St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List




David and Jana want to thank Saint Paul’s for the Flowers at the Funeral

Boys in Cave being rescued

Billy Branch is doing well after Surgery

Kathy Allred is back from Florida


Prayer Concerns (New from the week of (7/8)

Billy Branch – Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

Family and Friends of Dr. Albertson – Passed away

Travel Mercies for Kevin and Trish Lister

Travel Mercies for James Benkley’s friend as he goes to Columbia and Argentina

Travel Mercies for Victor Mortson and Rebecca

David and Jana Gardner – passing of David’s dad Okie Gardner

Amber Lane – passing of her father

Savannah – big test at the end of July

RJ’s son in law Jeff – infection and weak

Oleta Little – Clinical trial for Brain Cancer

Tammy Noland

Those going through a Divorce

Family of Miles Craig – passed away at young age

Marcia Haskins – Recovering from Rotator cuff surgery, a new wound has opened on her foot

Garry and Kathy Allred and family

Burrel McNaught – Staff infection

Mark (Michelle Martin’s brother) – Shoulder has nerve damage and will require more surgery.

Iva Johnson – Fractured pelvis. She is in Stepping Stones in Marlow

Jon Hall – Head injury from motorcycle wreck

Addie McMurran

Lisa and son Logan

Beth Kurtz husband

Gerry Mortson Rawlings

Patty Graham – Inoperable Brain tumor and Breast Cancer

Pee Wee Cary

Dustin Leeper’s mother and father in law – poor health

Donna Aldridge – Leukemia

Margaret Averre – surgery for throat cancer

Daniel Whittney – colon cancer; now liver cancer

Ashley Weber – deployed

Jennifer Allred – Spinal pain and fibromyalgia

Ann Johnson – Heart Problems

Melinda Douglas – Lung Cancer

Gloria McCoy – complications due to cancer

If someone needs to be removed or added to the prayer list, please let Denise know. Thank you!