St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List

Prayer Concerns

Family and Friends of Fluff Dixon

RJ Weiland’s son in law having surgery on his foot- diabetic

RJ Weiland having test done on Thursday at Baptist

Bobbie Giroir and family – Terminal Cancer

Johnny Boyer and family – loss of Father Charlie Boyer

Empire Student Committed Suicide

Heather’s Client Jan having medical issues

Oleta Little – Brain Cancer Surgery

David Sisson – Heart Problems

Children killing Children

Donna Aldridge – Leukemia

Shellie Koch – Recovering from Knee replacement

Paul McDowell retiring for health reasons

Taylor Stanfill

Jana Gardner

Kristy Telford – recovering from Double Mastectomy

Trish Lister’s mom

Margaret Averre – surgery for throat cancer

Billy Simpson

Gerry Mortson

Cheryl Johnson’s mother

Carla Johnson sister in law – surgery to remove kidney. Not doing well

Beth Horn

Julie Gilby

Daniel Whittney – colon cancer; now liver cancer

Cindy Broaddus – heart surgery

Robert – Kevin and Trish Lister’s son

James Benkley

Marcia Rawlings

Ashley Weber – deployed

Trish’s sister Jackie

Scott (PeeWee) Cary

Addie McMurran

Jennifer Allred – Spinal pain and fibromyalgia

Ann Johnson – Heart Problems

Kristopher Anton – Broken Back

Dana Young – Brain bleed

Paula Freese’s coworker with cancer

Debbie Ousley – Breast Cancer

Melinda Douglas – Lung Cancer

Gloria McCoy – complications due to cancer

Katie Gustke – Breast Cancer

If someone needs to be removed or added to the prayer list, please let Denise know. Thank you!