St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List

Prayer Concerns& Wow's

Gerry Mortson - recovering from elbow surgery
Louise Golden's granddaughter - upcoming tonsillectomy
Julie Gilby - eye surgery
Travel Mercies

Mike and family/loss of his mother
David Gardner's dad
Jana Gardner's mom
Heather Bowles Niece Grace/8 mos pregnant
Leo Stiewert/broke arm
Dr. Albertson/still doing chemo
Jana Gardner"s mother
Trey and Tiffany/baby born 7 weeks early
Matt Baker/congestive heart failure
Bobby Harrell/heart/pneumonia
Garrett(friend of Kathy)/Stroke
James Curry/cancer-chemo
Lutie McClennen/Elks Crossing, room 105
Jim McGerk/terminal cancer
Anthony & DD Girou/Anthony-surgery & DD cancer treatments
Bill Loring/hospice
Linda Brewer/son(Jason) in in Mexican prison
Mathew May/cancer
Michelle Rue/broken leg
Marcia Haskins(Gerry's sister)
Friend of Ron Martin/cancer
Dwight Freese's mom/sent to skilled nursing center
Melinda Douglas(Joe Pierce's sister)/Liver cancer
Micah Foraker/breast cancer
Coworker of Parker's/cancer(terminal)
Dee(Kevin Lister's mom)/heart
John Boggs(Winnie's co-worker's husband)/medical issues
Danny Whitney(friend of Johnny)/cancer
Jeralyne Harris/cancer
Anthony McCartney(friend of Addie)/terminal cancer
Sarah McCoy(friend of Terri)/brain surgery
Mac McMurran
Addie McMurran
Pearly Hurley(friend of Trish)/cancer
Charles Vangundy(JC Golden's cousin)/critical
Mike Smith/lung cancer
Empire senior/cancer
Mark Taylor/lung cancer
Johnny Rue's cousin/cancer
Gloria McCoy(Joe's aunt)/terminal cancer
Robin Bumphrey(Sherie's sister)/cancer
Don Sanford/cancer
Jeff Greening(RJ's S-I-L)/stage 4 kidney cancer

Mike(friend of Allred's)/cancer free

Lutie McClennen/resident of the month/Elks Crossing, room 105

If someone needs to be removed or added to the prayer list, please let Denise know. Thank you!