St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List

Prayer Concerns& Wow's

Those affected by Hurricane Harvey
Ron and Michelle Martin and Family/Passing of Ron's mom. Michelle's brother was in a bad motorcycle accident and is in ICU at OU med. Her mother was just diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.
Garret Trueblood/blocked artery. Pending surgery
Marie Allred/memory issues and won't eat
Kyle Hawkins
Gerry Mortson/recovering from elbow surgery
Julie Gilby/recovering from eye surgery
Friend of Dina and Randi Atnip has pancreatic cancer
Dr. Albertson/still doing chemo
Jana Gardner"s mother
Matt Baker/congestive heart failure
James Curry/cancer-chemo
Lutie McClennen/Elks Crossing, room 105
Jim McGerk/terminal cancer
Anthony & DD Girou/Anthony-surgery & DD cancer treatments
Bill Loring/hospice
Linda Brewer/son(Jason) in in Mexican prison
Mathew May/cancer
Michelle Rue/broken leg
Marcia Haskins(Gerry's sister)
Friend of Ron Martin/cancer
Dwight Freese's mom/sent to skilled nursing center
Melinda Douglas(Joe Pierce's sister)/Liver cancer
Micah Foraker/breast cancer
Coworker of Parker's/cancer(terminal)
Dee(Kevin Lister's mom)/heart
John Boggs(Winnie's co-worker's husband)/medical issues
Danny Whitney(friend of Johnny)/cancer
Jeralyne Harris/cancer
Anthony McCartney(friend of Addie)/terminal cancer
Sarah McCoy(friend of Terri)/brain surgery
Mac McMurran
Addie McMurran
Pearly Hurley(friend of Trish)/cancer
Charles Vangundy(JC Golden's cousin)/critical
Mike Smith/lung cancer
Empire senior/cancer
Mark Taylor/lung cancer
Johnny Rue's cousin/cancer
Gloria McCoy(Joe's aunt)/terminal cancer
Robin Bumphrey(Sherie's sister)/cancer
Don Sanford/cancer
Jeff Greening(RJ's S-I-L)/stage 4 kidney cancer


Gerry is back to work and church
JC and Louise Golden celebrated 43 years of marriage

If someone needs to be removed or added to the prayer list, please let Denise know. Thank you!