St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List


Edith Suiter has an update on her nephew, Jason.  His PET scan shows cancer in numerous locations, mostly bone.  Please pray for the next treatment protocol to be successful.

Pat Weber’s Uncle Hiram passed away. 

Terri Gibson has a friend Lisa who needs our prayers. 

Michele Martin’s cousin, Sharlotte Campbell as she started kidney dialysis and

    will  go 4 hours a day , 3 days a week.

Trish Lister has a friend whose daughter committed suicide.

Terry Russell had a brain bleed.  Please pray for him and his wife, Rita.

Babara Shipman passed away.  Remember her family, especially her husband, Don.

Remember all those being laid off from Halliburton and others who might be without work.

Laytham, an Empire Student who has been diagnosed with Type B Lymphoma.

Paula & Dwight Freese granddaughter, Ava, as she recovers from surgery on her arm. 

Gerry Rawlings—Nancy Speir diagnosed with Breast Cancer and undergoing chemo.

Corona Virus pandemic

Upcoming Elections

Special unspoken request for God’s attention and miracle.

Gerry with cancer treatments

Junior with cancer treatments

Health and strength for Sara Riggs Upcoming Court Date.  Tanner Tanaka

Pray for the Homeless

Men and Women who serve our country

Terry Russell - Leukemia

Prayers for all who are incarcerated; for kids who have lost their loved ones.

James Crow – Cancer

Jason Poorman - Lymphoma

Connie Green – Cancer

Stacy Mettler – Cancer

Karen Gibson – Cancer

Gary Gibson – Cancer

Kathy Bridges – Cancer

Margaret Averre – Throat cancer

Daniel Whittney – Cancer

Melinda Douglas – Lung Cancer