St. Paul's United Methodist Church of Duncan, OK
St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List

Jimmie Bruner – Emergency life threatening Surgery

Courtney – Continued prayers for the Allred’s 11 yr. old grandchild with neurological issues.

Connie Green – Louise Golden’s sister needing to find work.

Sara Riggs – for strength to keep going one day at a time. Serenity to accept the things she cannot change.

Parker Bowles – Strengthened Faith

Mary Branch – to see the positive in all things

Donna and Tarah Frye – travel mercies

Thomas – Dr on Feb. 26th

Lydia’s grandma – continued prayers for recovery after her heart attack

Major Marvin Asche - Amber Oklahoma Police Department. He received a gunshot wound while subduing a suspect.

Martha Burger – Loss of her husband Bud

Junior Brown – Recovering from Surgery from Lung Cancer

Pipkin Family

Family and Friends of Aimee Greening

Billy Branch – Travel Mercies

Stacy Mettler – Cancer – Surgery Complications                            

Ann Johnson – Recovering from Hip Surgery

Oleta Little – On Hospice. Brain Cancer returned          

Addie McMurran

Ross Pipkin – Basic Training

Dave and Margie Robertson

Marcia’s circumstances dealing with health, surgery, housing and work

Jason Poorman – (Edith Suiters nephew) chemo for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Addie’s friend and relative on Hospice. Peace in her Family

Kathy Allred – Continued prayers for healing

Trish Lister – Continued prayers

Lisa Hill – loss of her mom

Jim and Edith Suiter – Jim is getting increasingly weary

Karen Gibson – Cancer

Gary Gibson – Cancer

Jan Smith – Cancer

Jennifer Shahan – Heart Problems

Iva Johnson – Hospice

Karen Stanfill – Cancer

Rebecca’s cousin has eating disorder, liver failure and on transplant list

Kathy Bridges – Cancer

Joe Perry – Kidney cancer

Margaret Averre – Throat cancer

Daniel Whittney – Colon cancer; now liver cancer                

Jennifer Allred – Spinal pain and fibromyalgia                       

Melinda Douglas – Lung Cancer

If someone needs to be removed or added to the prayer list, please contact the office. Thank you!