St. Paul's United Methodist Church of Duncan, OK
St. Pauls United Methodist Church
St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Prayer List

Dave and Margie Robertson’s daughter was killed Thursday morning.

Family of Larry McPheeron – He passed away

Family of Pam McCeechern – She passed away

Schlein Family – loss of Terry

Louise Golden’s Sister – Eye Surgery

Pat Weber – Bone Spur swollen and sore

Marcia’s circumstances dealing with health, surgery, housing and work.

Parker Bowles- Facing Challenges

Stacy Mettler – Double Mastectomy

Jason Poorman – (Edith Suiters nephew) starting chemo for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Addie’s friend and relative on Hospice. Peace in her Family

Victor and Rebecca – Working on Dissertations

Ron Martin’s friend in Norman – Back Surgery

Beth Horn – Illness regressing

Kathy Allred – recovering from Surgery

Trish Lister

Lisa Hill – loss of her mom

Ann Johnson – Trish Lister’s Mom moving to assisted living.

Farah Doorman – Back Surgery

James Benkley – continued recovery

Sara Riggs – Going to Court on Jan 16th for Divorce

Jim and Edith Suiter – Jim is getting increasingly weary

Paula McConnell – Trying to get to the bottom of some health issues, involving lungs primarily.

Courtney - The Allred’s 11 yr. old grandchild with neurological issues.

Karen Gibson – Cancer

Gary Gibson – Cancer

Jan Smith – Cancer

Jennifer Shahan – Heart Problems

Iva Johnson – Hospice

Christy Thurston

Addie McMurran

Karen Stanfill – Cancer

Rebecca’s cousin has eating disorder, liver failure and on transplant list

Kathy Bridges – Cancer

Joe Perry – Kidney cancer

Stacy Mettler – Breast Cancer

Margaret Averre – Throat cancer

Daniel Whittney – Colon cancer; now liver cancer                

Jennifer Allred – Spinal pain and fibromyalgia                       

Melinda Douglas – Lung Cancer

If someone needs to be removed or added to the prayer list, please contact the office. Thank you!